Our Equipment & Machinery

Midgley Developments own and operate a number of critical plant items including excavators, dump trucks, bulldozers and compactors.

Our modern fleet of excavators is fully equipped with GPS control systems that ensure highly accurate results.

The low age of our machines means that down time for maintenance and repairs is minimal.

Kobelco Digger

Hitachi Digger

Reliability Equals Productivity

All our machines are meticulously maintained to guarantee maximum production.

Komatsu D65wx

Komatsu D65wx

Equipment List

  • Excavators ranging from 2 tonne to 50 tonne, including GPS
  • 20T Hydrema & 30T Moxy ADT dump trucks
  • Padfoot & Smooth Drum Rollers
  • Padfoot Soil Compactors
  • 3.5T Tipper Road Trucks
  • Broom Tractors
  • GPS Bulldozers
  • Water carts
  • Plate compactors

Machinery Hire

Our Machinery is for hire - please contact us to discuss availability and terms.

Machinery Hire


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