Hamilton New Zealand Temple Project

Midgley Developments were engaged to complete bulk earthwork activities as part of the Temples Renovation. Scope included 84,000m3 of cut-to-fill, including installing environmental controls, stripping topsoil, and re-grassing. In addition, the utilities scope required installing services for stormwater, wastewater, power, potable water, communications and a new gas line.

Aerial view of the Hamilton Temple project

Client: Westland Construction / Church of Latter-Day Saints of Jesus Christ
Contract Value: $15.9 Million
Timeframe: January 2019 to April 2022
Project Type: Main contractor to Westland Construction
Location: Temple View, Hamilton

Situated atop a stately hill in the rural outskirts of Hamilton, the Hamilton New Zealand Temple overlooks 86 acres. At the base of the hill is a popular public visitors' centre, surrounded by beautifully manicured gardens.

Hamilton NZ Temple

Project included:

Works were completed parallel to the broader renovation of the temple. Midgely Developments ensured a collaborative approach to delivering the scope, including coordinating activities with other trades. The workmanship was of the highest standard, with works close to the existing temple blockwork and structure. Careful pre-construction negotiations and weekly engagement enabled interface issues for the full duration of works.

After meeting all performance requirements, including cost and programme, the additional scope (a variation) was to complete retaining walls, hard landscaping, road reconstruction, line marking and wayfinding signage for seven carparks comprising 300 spaces.

This job was very similar to previous work because of the number of environmental controls and meeting consent conditions. There were many truck movements in and out of the site, which needed to be managed carefully as the traffic volume in the areas was extensive. We felt proud of keeping the site and roads clean as we had a full-time sweeper onsite and a water cart to wash down and sweep roads with zero complaints.

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Hamilton Temple Project
Hamilton Temple Project
Hamilton Temple Project

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