Auckland New Zealand Temple Project

Midgley was engaged to complete the earthworks scope for the Auckland New Zealand Temple Project construction. After completion of the initial scope, the client agreed to additional scope based on excellent performance during earthworks. This included the construction of the capping beam for retaining walls and the installation of utilities and services scope including watermain, gas, power, storm water, wastewater and ducting for communications.

Client: Westland Construction / Church of Latter-Day Saints of Jesus Christ
Contract Value: $5 Million
Timeframe: November 2019 to May 2023
Project Type: Earthworks Subcontractor
Location: Goodwood Heights, Auckland

The initial scope was bulk earthworks, removing a soft layer 4.5m down. This required the removal of 15,000m3 to the side, removing 8,000m3 of waste from the site to the landfill and importing 8,000m3 to replace waste removed from the site.

Project included:

This project demonstrates our ability to deliver earthworks and technical complexity projects. There were several truck movements and a need to keep the job clean and tidy and minimise tracking onto local roads.

Our experience from this project will benefit TDC in delivering the EUL contract. For example, we worked closely with Principal Engineer to set up a wheel wash for the trucks coming in and out of the site but in the end, it still did not keep the roads as clean as they needed, so we worked with them again to organise a permanent sweeper and water cart to wash down the roads. This was a good outcome, with environmental inspections allowing the client to apply for winter earthworks consent.

Environmental controls were critical to the success of the project. Located near residential and high-traffic areas, we maintained and kept the site clean with additional environmental controls such as silt control, utilising a full-time sweeper and water cart to wash down vehicles and sweep roads resulting in zero stakeholder or community complaints.

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